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Whether you are looking for help with a new opening or on a current business, then I may be able to help. It may be your kitchen is struggling to meet financial targets or just needs to grow in its offering and ethos.

I’m a chef consultant based in Devon and covering the South West of England and beyond in restaurants, pubs, hotels, cafes, pop ups, online retail and all other catering outlets

As a Catering Consultant with over 20 years in the industry, I have gained a valuable amount of knowledge in this sector, from running well known restaurants and hotels, to new openings, I have consulted and opened celebrity restaurants to Vegan cafes and turned struggling establishments around, whether its financially, their overall concept, Sustainability ethics, recipe development and procurement, staff training, kitchen designs or recruitment and all in between.


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Existing Business

Helping grow and Support your current business. From creating a more sustainable and ethical operation or training your head chef in better profit margins.

  • Menu designs and procurement
  • Recipe development
  • Food costings and GP advice
  • Stock taking
  • Operational advice
  • Kitchen admin help
  • Help with improving a current offer, ethos or its sustainability
  • Help with finances and increase your revenue and profit
  • Head chef support and training
  • Help with staff recruitment interviews and training

New openings and start ups

Hands on help and guidance with your new venture, whether its a small festival stall or a Hotel kitchen, I can help with any or all aspects.

  • Help with kitchen layout and remodelling
  • Help with kitchen staff recruitment and training
  • Sourcing suppliers
  • Menu design and procurement
  • Menu costings
  • Stock taking & GP, helping create good profit margins
  • Kitchen Admin
  • Kitchen equipment advice and purchasing
  • Create a good ethos, sustainability and offer
  • Head chef support and training
  • Recipe development
Please feel free to Contact me and see if I can be of any help for you. I won’t charge for initial consultation and my prices are bespoke to each individual depending on your budget, timescale and what you are after.
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